Snyder- Social Skills SIP- Coping with Change Follow Up- 4-17-20

Teacher: Snyder (


Good morning everyone!

We have been talking about change, how we can make something good come out of change, big and small changes, and ways to cope with change. When we first started the lesson about changes in routines, I encouraged you to talk with your child about how we can learn new things during change as well as learn new things about ourselves. Change requires us to do things we may have never done. It gives us an opportunity to try new things and potentially broaden our areas of interest.

Parents, I am attaching another worksheet for reference; but, I want you to talk with your child about how we have changed since the pandemic first began. Initially, I am sure there were overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion- many feelings that we don’t usually classify as “good” feelings. As we continue to adjust our lives, I am sure these feelings are still present, but have we learned anything new? Maybe you and your child have played new games? Have more of an opportunity to cook home meals- have you made something new? Maybe sibling relationships are becoming stronger? 

Please use the attached worksheet to write or draw the new things you have been doing that maybe you didn’t know interested you before. What are you missing right now? How are you feeling as we continue to adjust and use our coping strategies? As always, I’d love to see what you have been doing! Please share to Class Dojo and have a great weekend! 



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