Dembowski – Speech & Language: Strategies Reference Sheet

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Speech & Language Skills at Home 


Language Comprehension Strategies

  • Print/make a graphic organizer to keep track of details
  • Ask questions while you read 
  • Take notes in a notebook to remember details/questions 
  • Use the 12 Visualizing & Verbalizing (V&V) structure words to help picture what you read: 
    • What
    • Size 
    • Color 
    • Number
    • Shape
    • Where 
    • Movement
    • Mood
    • Background
    • Perspective 
    • When
    • Sound


Language Memory Strategies 

  • Quietly repeat things back to yourself 
  • Paraphrase what you heard back to the speaker 
  • Take notes when listening to multi-step directions 
  • Use self-advocacy skills to ask the speaker to clarify or repeat what they said 
  • See if the V&V structure words help you to remember things you’ve seen or read 


Vocabulary Building

  • Look for things in your environment that you don’t know the word for and find it out!
  • Play I Spy to describe things you see
  • Use the V&V structure words to help you to describe what you see. Can you use all the words?
  • Think of synonyms for the descriptive words you chose. Use if you get stuck!


Expressive Language Skills 

  • When you make art, write a story or poem about what you make 
  • Use a graphic organizer to help structure your story 
  • Use the V&V words to expand your sentences
  • Use to find synonyms 


Clear Speech Strategies 

  • Use good posture when speaking 
  • Make eye contact with the person you’re talking to 
  • Speak up (use your teacher voice) 
  • Move your mouth when you talk 
  • Slow down!
  • Look for signs that your listener is understanding you (they are nodding or responding) 
  • If it looks like they don’t understand, repeat yourself or rephrase 


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