Semidei (Militza) – Math: Uno mas, uno menos – 3/25

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Hola a todos,

The math activity video for today is posted on Class Dojo.  Here is the link.

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Here is a description in case you have difficulty.

Uno mas y uno menos (one more and one less).

Pretend you are playing a piano and use your fingers to count the math way.  Left pinky is one, index 2 and o on.  

Parents show students fingers from one to 5 and ask cuanto es uno mas… How many is one more?  

Parents show students fingers from 5 to 1 and ask cuanto es uno menos?  How many is one less?

Please ask students how they know?  Como lo sabes?

Targetet answer is… because if you take away 1 less or one more from # the answer is #.  It is ok if they use their fingers to count however we are trying to build automaticity thus encourage them to try it without counting if they can.

Variation… 2 mas, 2 menos etc.

Challenge:  Try finding one more and one less with numbers up to 20?  Use a number line.  Here is a video for the challenge…

Post videos on class dojo under your portfolio of this activity.  Can’t wait to see you practicing uno mas y uno menos.


Sra. Militza


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