Semidei (Militza) – SEL: Guess the feeling – 3/25

Teacher: Semidei (Militza) (


Hola a todos,

In class, we have been learning how to identify feelings in ourselves and others.  Feelings are like the weather… constantly changing and that is ok.

Ask your child how are you feeling today and why?  Como te sientes hoy y porque?

Me siento ______ porque ______.   I feel ____ because ____. 

feliz, triste, preocupado, asustado, emocionado, enojado

Then click on the link to watch the following video,

After you watch the video, click the following link to play Guess the feeling game?

Then, draw a picture of how you feel today and try to label your picture.

Post your picture in your portfolio on Class Dojo for me to see.

When you are done sing the Hands to yourself song.  Enjoy!

Besos y abrazos,

Sra. Militza





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