Semidei (Militza) – STEM: Magnets and Ice Challenge – 3/25

Teacher: Semidei (Militza) (



This weeks’ STEM Challenge combines sensory play with exploring ice and magnets!



Magnets taped to a popsicle stick or similar item to make magnetic wands for easy handling… 

Ice Cube Trays


Freeze your items like paper clips, pipe cleaner pieces, magnetic discs, balls, screws etc! 

When frozen, you can empty the cubes onto a tray or into a baking dish.

Now you have a cool ice magnet play activity for simple science!

Ice Magnet Play for Science learning is very hands on!

Students can move the items around. They can see how many they can pick up at a time.  They can move the wand under the tray.  Which magnetic items worked better?  They can classify the items and tell you their reasons for classyfying.

Sra. Militza’s question… Why does the magnet still work on the ice?

Have fun!

Besos y abrazos.

Sra. Militza



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