Semidei (Militza) – Thank you Mr. Panda! Reading, Comprehension and Writing – 3/25

Teacher: Semidei (Militza) (


Hola a todos,

Listen to the story Thank you, Mr. Panda Gracias Sr. Panda by Steve Antony by clicking the you tube link below.  The story is read by me.

Through out the story I will be asking questions about the problem of the story.  At the end talk about the problem of the story with your child.

Why were the gifts not approprite?

How do you think the characters felt when the gift was not right for them?

Should we be thankful even if we don’t like the gift?  Why or why not?

In your opinion, do you think panda was correct in gifting his friends the wrong gift?  Why or why not?

Were his friends grateful?  How do you know?

It is important to ask open ended questions as these kind of questions lead to deeper thought and helps students make connections to their lives.

Writing Activity

Complete the sentence stem…  And draw a picture with labels.

Un buen regalo es ______.  (A good gift would be ____.) 

Mom and dad  brainstorm writing different gifts on a piece of paper.  Choose one and model how to complete this sentence stem with the gift selected.  As  you write briefly make emphasis on using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and leaving spaces between words. Finally sound out the last word as you write it.

Mom or dad please write the sentence stem in Spanish on a paper or your child’s journal.  Leave the end blank for students to complete.  Help them as you see fit.

Students remember that a good illustrator adds lots of details to share his her thinking.

Post on Class Dojo under your child’s Student Portafolio.

I can’t wait to read your responses.  Adios!



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