Semidei (Militza)- Math: La jirafas no pueden bailar – Week of 3/30

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Hola a todos,

Children learn language best when interacting with thematic learning.  So let’s bring our giraffe theme into math to connect with this week’s read aloud.

Song – Contando del 1 al 20 –

Canta con los animales –

Cuenta y muevete –

Day 1 –  Go back to the story Las jirafas no pueden bailar and try to count as many animals as you can.  Draw that many animals on a paper and write the number.

Day 2 – Make a counting book.  Staple together blank pages. Draw and write the number.

  1.  una jirafa
  2.  dos leones
  3.  tres elefantes
  4.  cuatro monos
  5. cinco cocodrilos

Day 3 – Make a Shape Zoo.  Draw large shapes and pretend the shapes are to hold the animals at a zoo.  Draw different animals inside of the shapes.  For example… jirafas inside a rectangulo, monos inside a circle, etc.  What a fun Zoo!

Day 4 – Draw a large jirafa and make spots on it.  Count the spots and write the number.

Challenge for kids in Sr. Axel’s Group:  Have your mom and dad sign you up for Prodigy Math App to start addition and substraction.  Prodigy is built keeping in mind the logical and reasoning skills of a child from ages 5 to 14. Because this developing phase has the utmost impact on a child’s learning abilities, Prodigy creates over 75,000 innovative and engaging math puzzles for every grade to improve students’ cognitive learning skills.

Send me pictures of your work and I will give you feedback.  Enjoy!

Besos y abrazos,

Sra. Militza




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