Sullivan – S12 – Reading Activity #7

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Take a look at this article about Spy Dolphins. Then follow the directions for the first writing prompt.

  • Imagine you’re a dolphin spy on a secret mission for the U.S. Navy. Write a journal entry describing your daily tasks and activities. Use details from the article and the video “Discovering Dolphins” to make your entry realistic.

Your response should be at least 5 sentences. The video will help you understand what a dolphin’s life is like. According to the article, here are some things a “spy dolphin” might do for the military.

  • Look for underwater mines or explosives.
  • Search for swimmers who might also be spies.
  • Search for other animals who might be enemy spies, like dolphins, sea lions, or beluga whales.

Please send me your response via email or ClassDojo.


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