Sullivan – S12 – Reading Activity #9

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Read this week’s Scholastic article about making comics. This week we are combining reading and math together!

After you read the article, check out the video “Making Fractions.”

Answer the following questions on paper, or in an email.


Ryan Jampole started one page of the first Geeky F@b 5 book by dividing it into 3 equal sections. Which of these models best represents the page?


Jampole used 1/3 of the page for a panel showing Lucy’s classroom. Shade in the model you chose from part A to represent this fraction.

Later in the book, Jampole used 2/5 of a page for a panel showing Lucy’s sister doing a karate kick.

What is the denominator of 2/5?

What is the numerator?

Use the model below to show how much of the page Jampole used for the karate kick.


Jampole draws a scene where Lucy and her friends plan a new playground. It has 8 panels that are equally sized. Hubble is Lucy’s cat. He is in 2/8 of the panels. Draw cats in the model below to show how many panels include Hubble.


How many times did Hubble appear on the page?

On one page, Jampole used 1/3 of the space for a big panel. On another page, he used 4/6 of the space for one panel. Which panel was bigger? Draw fraction models on a separate piece of paper to prove your answer.

Bonus Activity!

Try the game Fraction Bakery, included at the bottom of the article.

More Bonus Activities!


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