Miller – ELA: Teens and real – world socializing

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Welcome to newsela! For this assignment you will need to log in to our Clever portal and use the following codes to join our class: Period 1- MQGHX6 Period 2 – 3Y8NJH Period 3 – 43M47S

This is new for all of us, so we will learn it together! Please read the assigned article and try out the annotating option. Highlight a section of text, write your thinking in the margin and click save. Try the multiple choice and writing task. For the written response you can put it in a Googe Doc and email it to me or post it in our Google Classroom.  It’s pretty easy and user friendly.

If you have any questions email or Dojo me using your parents app.

Please check in a couple times a week as I will continue to post assignments and activities.

Miss you guys!



Files for this Assignment:

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