Therrien- week of 4/20/2020

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Week of April 20, 2020

Class meetings this week: None. Sorry!

Reminders for class meetings

  • Join the meeting 15 minutes early! This way if you are having a hard time I will be able to help you! You can always walk away and come back when you want the help or story.
  • Mute when you join.
  • Wait to be called on.

Class announcements

  • April break has been shortened. April break will now be on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Staff will be working on Thursday and Friday.
  • Reminder that work is for enrichment purposes only. It is not supposed to be graded, however work may receive feedback. It is meant to reinforce what they have learned when we were in school, not new material.
  • MCAS has been cancelled.
  • When there is a call meeting, please log on 15 minutes before to ensure you can get on. You can always walk away and return to the device to join the meeting when you are ready.

Reminders for tutoring sessions:

  • I will only be doing my Thursday and Friday tutoring sessions this week.
  • Please be sure to attend your meeting.


Mrs. Therrien’s office hours for a parent conference by appointment 11-12 Monday-Friday (English).

Mrs. Therrien accepts and will respond to text and dojo messages when not in meetings on school days between the hours of 8AM-3PM. I will get back to you as soon as I can.




(Podrás ganar una herradura por cada tarea diaria. Si haces todas las tareas tendras un dia sin uniforme cuando regresemos a la escuela.)


Only for Mrs. Colon Small Groups (Reading, writing, math) you also have some activities to keep your brain active. You access it at as a student and complete your account (it is like iReady, at your level)  You need a code to access the activities. [Solo para los grupos pequeños de la Sra. Colon (lectura, escritura, matematica) tambien tienes algunas actividades para mantener tu cerebro activo. Tienes que entrar a como estudiante y completar tu cuenta (es como el programa de iReady, a tu nivel). Necesitas un codigo para poder tener acceso a las actividades.

  •  Codes (codigos)
    • Reading and Writing  (Lectura) – a5ejf7
    • Math (matematica) – xva3bb

Mrs. Colon contact:, Dojo or text message 1 (787)-414-1142 (School hours 8:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Mrs. Boyer Dojo (10:00am-3:30pm)

Only for Mrs. Boyer’s GroupsHello students, parents and guardians,

We have a great program your child can use while they are at home, Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning is a language and literacy program for English language learners. Students can easily access their account through Clever. Students should log on every day to this program.Please reach out to me by email if you have any questions or need login information.Hola alumnos, padres y tutores,Tenemos un excelente programa que su hijo puede usar mientras está en casa, Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning es un programa de lenguaje y alfabetización para estudiantes de inglés. Los estudiantes pueden acceder fácilmente a su cuenta a través de Clever. Los estudiantes deben iniciar sesión todos los días en este programa.Comuníquese con mi por correo electrónico si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información de inicio de sesión.



30 minutes of teacher-determined Mathematics work


Watch the video in the link to see how the man in the video determines how to find how much he will make (profit) for doing a job. 

Here are the questions you will need to answer:

What things does he estimate? 

How does he figure out his profit (how much he will make?) 

What operations does he use?

When might you need to use estimation, addition, and subtraction?



Watch the video. Then do the subtraction problems that are below..

  1. 300-125=
  2. 600-543=
  3. 800-239=
  4. 500-178=
  5. 300-222=
  6. 400-182=
  7. 700-461=
  8. 400-255=
  9. 600-483=
  10. 700-348=


10 minutes of Math fluency-  choose from one of the following math games (10 minutos de fluidez matemática- escoge una de los siguientes juegos de matemática) 



-games posted in previous weeks (juegos publicados la semana pasada)


30 minutes Literacy/ SS/ Science Monday- Friday: complete a passage/ assignment (30 minutos de de literatura, estudios sociales, ciencia – lunes a viernes: completar un pasaje de lectura asignado en )


30 minutes students self-directed project-based learning  

Pick your own project. Here are some choices:

  1. Write a paper about an animal.


  • Two adaptations (behaviors or parts of their body) of that animal.
  • Explain (tell how) the adaptations help it to survive.
    • How does it help them to survive?
    • Why is it important to the animal’s survival?

Animal Adaptation Word Bank Words To describe your animal

Camouflage/Color Words-red,orange,yellow,green,blue,brown,black/Size & Shape Words-large,small,round,pointed,square,long,short,wide thin/Parts of their body- Fur,head,ears,neck,body,tail,feet,nose


You can use the this language to begin your writing:

The adaptations of the _(animal name)__ are it’s _(name body parts)__.  They survive because the __(Color words/size words (body parts) help the animal to_________.

  1. Write a paper about a famous person.


  • Who the person is.
  • What they did.
  • Why they did it (if you know why).
  • Why is what they did significant (important) to people?
    • How did it help people today?
    • What did people learn from it?

Famous Person Word Bank Words 

Confident(someone who believes in themselves)/creative(someone who thinks of new and different ideas) courageous(someone who does what is right even though they are afraid)


You can use this language to begin your writing:

The famous person I chose is______. They are famous because they are _______.  This is important to people because__________.

  1. Create your own math game.


  • Rules
  • How to play
  • How do you win?
  • What skill/thing are you practicing?
  1. Write a  story.

First, organize your ideas

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot (what will happen in the story)
    • Beginning
    • Middle
    • end

Next when you write be sure to include:

  • How the character felt.
  • What they thought.
  • What they are like.
  • Think about what each character would say based on what they are like.

Narrative Writing Transition Words-Words and language that will connect your ideas together,organize your story, and help your writing to be more clear.

Use these words to write your beginning: One day, In the beginning, It all began, Last night, Once

Use these words to connect your ideas in the middle:Also, After that,Meanwhile,Suddenly,Before long,Later that day,next, then

Use these words to bring closure and write the end of your story: Finally, In conclusion, In the end, At last


Here are some links below with specific experiments that you could do

  • Baking soda and vinegar volcano   # 6

  • Balloon baking soda and vinegar experiment.

  • Egg drop. Make a plan. Test. Reflect…did it work? Why or why not? If not what would you change? Why?

  • Make a parachute. Make a plan. Test. Reflect…did it work? Why or why not? If not what would you change? Why?

  • Make a bird feeder. Place it outside. Observe (watch) and record(write) what you see over the week. What birds do you see? What do they look like?

  1. Bake something!
  2. Make a comic book.

First, organize your ideas

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot (what will happen in the story)
    • Beginning
    • Middle
    • end

Next when you write be sure to include:

  • How the character felt.
  • What they thought.
  • What they are like.
  • Think about what each character would say based on what they are like.


20 minutes of daily independent reading  Tell me what you have been reading about! (20 minutos de lectura independiente – cuéntame sobre lo que leíste)



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