Therrien week of 4/27/2020

Teacher: Ashley Therrien (


Week of April 27, 2020




Contact information

  • Mrs. Therrien’s office hours for a parent conference by appointment 11-12 Tuesday-Friday (English). I have a mandatory meeting on Monday, so I will not be able to hold office hours.
  • Mrs. Therrien will call English speaking families from 3-5:30 on Mondays
  • Mrs. Therrien accepts and will respond to text and dojo messages when not in meetings on school days between the hours of 8AM-3PM. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Class meetings this week:

  • Wednesday, April 29, 2020 -virtual field trip at 2pm-2:30 by joining the class meeting on google meet like you normally would.
  • Thursday, April 30, 2020-class meeting 
    • 1:15-1:30 technology questions
    • 1:30-2:00 help with this week’s math assignments
    • 2:00-2:30 read aloud

Reminders for class meetings

  • Join the meeting 15 minutes early! This way if you are having a hard time I will be able to help you! You can always walk away and come back when you want the help or story.
  • Mute when you join. Students that unmute without permission can be removed from the group.
  • Students who are disruptive or inappropriate will be removed from the meeting.
  • Wait to be called on.
  • When there is a call meeting, please log on 15 minutes before to ensure you can get on. You can always walk away and return to the device to join the meeting when you are ready.

Tutoring sessions

  • Half hour tutoring sessions are available and strongly suggested. They offer a way to help your student work on what they need the most help in. Please contact me and I will let you know the remaining time slots I have available.
  • I have automatic text message reminders that are being sent to those receiving tutoring that are sent out 24 hours prior to your student’s tutoring session.
  • Please inform me if your child will not be attending their virtual learning session ASAP!


Only for Mrs. Colon Small Groups (Reading, writing, math) you also have some activities to keep your brain active. You access it at as a student and complete your account (it is like iReady, at your level)  You need a code to access the activities. [Solo para los grupos pequeños de la Sra. Colon (lectura, escritura, matematica) tambien tienes algunas actividades para mantener tu cerebro activo. Tienes que entrar a como estudiante y completar tu cuenta (es como el programa de iReady, a tu nivel). Necesitas un codigo para poder tener acceso a las actividades.

  •  Codes (codigos)
    • Reading and Writing  (Lectura) – a5ejf7
    • Math (matematica) – xva3bb

Mrs. Colon contact:, Dojo or text message 1 (787)-414-1142 (School hours 8:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Mrs. Boyer  or Dojo message (School hours 8:00am-3:00pm)


Only for Mrs. Boyer’s Groups: Hello students, parents and guardians,

we have a great program your child can use while they are at home, Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning is a language and literacy program for English language learners. Students can easily access their account through Clever. Students should log on every day to this program.Please reach out to me by email if you have any questions or need login information.



Hola alumnos, padres y tutores,Tenemos un excelente programa que su hijo puede usar mientras está en casa, Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning es un programa de lenguaje y alfabetización para estudiantes de inglés. Los estudiantes pueden acceder fácilmente a su cuenta a través de Clever. Los estudiantes deben iniciar sesión todos los días en este programa.Comuníquese con mi por correo electrónico si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información de inicio de sesión.





30 minutes of teacher-determined Mathematics work

This week we will be starting our own pretend gardens!


Monday:  You are at the greenhouse nursery to buy plants for your garden. Your budget is $50.00! You must spend all of the money! Below are the prices for each plant. Tell me what plants you are planning to buy. If you are going to buy more than one of the same plant, let me know in your answers! Here is a website to use stuff to help you:


Plant Cost
Tomato plants $4.00
Pepper plant $5.00
Squash plant $5.00
Strawberry plant $10.00
Blueberry bushes $10.00
Cucumbers plant $6.00


I bought______tomato plants, ____pepper plants, ____ squash plants,___strawberry plants, ___ blueberry plants, and _____cucumber plants.


Tuesday- Now it is time to plant them in your garden bed. Each plant needs to have 10 square feet of soil. How many square feet of soil will you need for your garden? Here are some math tools/ stuff to help you:


I need ______ square feet of soil for my garden.


Wednesday-  Your garden needs water to survive! Each plant needs 2 gallons of water in a week. How many gallons of water will you use in a week to water your garden? Use multiplication or draw a picture to help you solve.

Hint: you could make each kind of plant a different color with the counters.


Thursday- Now it’s time to harvest or pick the food off the garden! Look at the chart below to see how many of each food you will get from your plants. Then tell how many of each food you have! Hint: you could make each kind of plant a different color with the counters.


Plant Amount of things you can pick from it.
Tomato plants 5
Pepper plant 2
Squash plant 2
Strawberry plant 10
Blueberry bushes 20
Cucumbers plant 5


Friday- You are making dinner with some of the things that you harvested, or picked from the garden. Tell what you used and to make your dinner and how many are left for the rest of the week. Hint: you could make each kind of plant a different color with the counters.


10 minutes of Math fluency-  choose from one of the following math games (10 minutos de fluidez matemática- escoge una de los siguientes juegos de matemática) 



  • Try for a total of 10.Play this math card game alone or as a team. Lay out 20 cards on the table (leave out face cards or change them to equal 0, while aces equal 1). Kids remove sets of cards that add up to 10, ultimately trying to remove all the cards from the table. It’s harder than you think!  This game is from
  • Do some basic fast facts practice. Give your flash cards a rest and practice facts with math card games instead. Simply lay down two cards from the deck (remove the face cards first) and add, subtract, or multiply them. Kids can work on this alone, or you can make it a contest to see who can call out the correct answer first.  This game is from
  • iReady
  • Prodigy Math Game



30 minutes Literacy/ SS/ Science Monday- Friday: complete a passage/ assignment (30 minutos de de literatura, estudios sociales, ciencia – lunes a viernes: completar un pasaje de lectura asignado en )


30 minutes students self-directed project-based learning  

Since the math is about gardens this week, we will continue our study here. Pick different assignments each day for 30 minutes a day.


Monday- Watch a few of the following videos about plant growth:


Tuesday-Use this link to learn more about plants. Then write a short paragraph (4-6 sentences) about what you learned. You do not need to say why you know something, just the facts!


    1. When you write your response begin with a topic sentence.   I learned that _______. (Word Bank Choices: plants need/plants make/plants have


  • Write at least 2 or 3 facts that support what you learned from the articles. One fact I learned ___. Another fact I learned ___.


  1. Write a concluding sentence that states your main idea again.  In conclusion, I learned that____.

Vocabulary Language Choices to use when you write: 

sunlight/carbon dioxide:a colorless odorless gas absorbed by plants/oxygen: the air we breathe that supports our life/soil/water/seeds/leaves/herbs/vegetables(see images of remaining vocabulary words in the links provided for the assignment)

Writing basics:

  1. Start your sentences with uppercase letters.
  2. End your sentences with the right punctuation (statement- period, question – question mark, exclamations – exclamation point)
    1. I see the red flowers.
    2. Can you see them?
    3. They look pretty!
  3. Indent your paragraph.

I learned about flowers. Flowers grow from plants. They have different colors. They look pretty!

  1. Check for Spelling (Sight words)
    2. Check for understanding: (Does it look right?, Does it sound right?, Does it make sense?)


Wednesday-Virtual Field Trip- weather permitting on 4/30 at 2PM we will be going on a virtual field trip to Stanley Park (if health/safety/weather permitting!) instead of a classroom meeting.




Friday-Use these links to learn more about things going on in the world that have to do with plants. Pick one and  draw a picture about it.


Extra plant stuff:

How to create your own terrarium-

How to grow a lima bean-


20 minutes of daily independent reading  Tell me what you have been reading about! (20 minutos de lectura independiente – cuéntame sobre lo que leíste)


Remember to summarize! 

(Mrs.Colon small groups, please check under Colon 3rd Grade)



Exercise with State Police Troopers! Here is this week’s videos….Like they say in the video, make sure your guardian/ parents give you permission to exercise first!!!!


Here is a website that reads stories aloud to you. After each story, they have a quick discussion about the book.



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