Thomas – Math/Writing – Tuesday Newsletter and Assignments – 4/14

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Hi 3rd graders!

I am so lucky to get to connect with you each week! Something that made me happy this week was enjoying some homemade chocolate chip cookies that my friend made for me!

I was so impressed by the turnout at today’s Zoom meeting! Thank you to those who could make it! Even if you can’t attend the Zooms, you can definitely do the online learning below!

Class Dojo Challenge
You can earn dojo points by participating in virtual learning! You’ll get a dojo each time you…

  • Attend a Zoom Class
  • Complete an hour of Khan Academy in a week
  • Complete Google Classroom Assignments
  • Have an adult send me a picture of your learning
    • this can include the games we’ve learned, writing assignments, and other learning activities you do at home
    • if you send a picture of your daily diary, you will get 2 dojo points per entry!!

When your class earns 100 points all together Ms. Thomas will let you vote on what you want her to do. Options might include…

  • A picture of Ms. Thomas with a crazy hair style
  • A video of Ms. Thomas singing a song
  • A video of Ms. Thomas learning a dance move
  • A video of Ms. Thomas getting a pie in the face

More participation=more challenges for Ms. Thomas to complete, so get to work! You’re all in this together!


Today we practiced subtracting on the open number line! You can practice this skill by playing our math game, Find that Addend!

You can watch a video of me reviewing some addition and subtraction strategies!

Teach Find that Addend to 2 people at home, send me a picture, and earn a dojo point!


Today we shared our Daily Diaries! We will continue to keep these daily diaries each day and have the option of sharing them on Zoom. Remember that if you send me a picture of your Daily Diary, you will earn 2 dojo points per entry!!! Check out an example here!

We learned about sequencing our directions and discussed what good directions look like. Specifically, we learned that good directions always go in order!


We will have more Zooms this week!

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1-2pm
Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 497-382-729

Assignments (Completing each assignment earns a dojo point!)

  • Find that Addend: Teach our new game to 2 people in your household and send me a picture of you playing
  • Google Classroom: Students have been assigned some math practice on Google Classroom. The assignment is called “2-digit Subtraction on the Open Number Line DUE 4/16” and is due Thursday!
  • Khan Academy: Students should be spending at least 1 hour working on Khan Academy assignments each week!
  • Daily Diary: Students should continue creating one Daily Diary entry each day. Please send me pictures of your child’s diary if you would like to! ** worth 2 dojo points!
  • Functional Writing: Keep writing about something you help with around the house! Make sure your directions are in the correct order!

Suggested Daily Schedule:

Writing – 15 minutes: Work on your Daily Diary and/or the posted writing assignments

Independent Reading – 30 minutes: Independent reading (this is a great time to use Rm 6 class code: rze8163)

Math Game — 15 minutes: Guess that Number, Find that Factor, Find that Addend

Art/Technology/ Integrated Arts — 30 Minutes:  (Check out what all of the specials teachers have  posted on both Hps at home and Dojo)

Khan Academy — 20 Minutes

ELA — 20 Minutes: See Ms. Parents’ Posts!

Physical Activity — 30 Minutes: (Ms. Kennedy has posted some great suggestions)


If you can’t get outside, check out this website for some amazing movement breaks

Optional Resources

ST Math: Text or Dojo me for login information

More Math Games: 

Other Fun Activities

Shout Outs 

  • Already working on Khan Academy this week:
    • Rm 6: Alismar, Devorah, Ryleigh, Shali, Lindsey
    • Rm 7: Avalei, Xavier Rivera
  • Completed Assignments on Google Classroom: Angel, Devorah, Darelyn, Ryleigh, Jaylexis, Julieanna, Avalei, Xavier, Davian, and Evan

I love and miss you all! Stay happy and healthy!

-Ms. Thomas


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