Tisdell – TIP: ELA Details (Elementary)

Teacher: Tisdell (jtisdell@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Welcome Awesome ELA Elementary TIP Squad students, 

        I  miss you all so much and I hope you are doing well! I hope that you are taking this time to rest, enjoying  time with your families and keeping your brain working. 

I’m so excited that you found our class on hpsathome.com! I have set up an account on www.Freckle.com where you will be accessing classwork,  as well as Class Dojo, that I have been using to share challenges, resources and quick videos to say hello this past week. Most of you are connected on Dojo but if you need help being connected to Dojo, reach out and I will help you to get connected. Here are the log in steps for  your freckle account:

  1. Go to  the website : student.freckle.com
  2. Enter the class code/ Every students password is the class code : TISDER
  3. Enter your user name which is your first and last name,

If you need help joining Freckle, please reach out and I will assist you. 


 In addition to Freckle, here are some resources that you can access during your time away from school:

  • Khanacademy.com (Use your holyoke public school email to create an account!  There are awesome videos that you can check out if you get stuck or need help)
  • Bokskids.org is a physical activity program to get your body moving in case you’re feeling restless!
  • Readworks.org – Did you know that working on your reading skills will make you a better mathematician?  It’s true! If you’re looking to really zoom in on reading comprehension, Readworks is going to be a great fit for you!
  • Scholastic.com 


I will be making work available to you at least twice a week. Be sure to check Freckle.com for assignments as well as Class Dojo on the class story and The Peck Community Facebook page.

Remember to use a growth mindset by embracing challenges, thinking positively, using problem solving strategies and perseverance!  I miss you all and I am so proud to be your teacher. Remember you got this , continue working hard and being kind! I can’t wait to see all of you, but I am happy to be able to continue to teach, learn  and grow with you all as we navigate remote digital learning together! “ Keep smiling, Keep shining, Knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that’s what teachers are for.” Feel free to reach out through email, text , Dojo or phone. 


Ms. Tisdell



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