Tisdell- ELA- TIP-Making Inferences and Read 180/Systems 44, 4/16

Teacher: Tisdell (jtisdell@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


 Hello everyone! Here is an assignment on  inferences.  Remember that inferences are based on what you know and what the text says. Email me your responses. An inference is a conclusion you draw based on evidence in a reading passage. Read each paragraph and answer the inference question that follows and explain thinking.


1. Maggie was getting ready to walk to school. She put on her coat and grabbed her backpack. As she was leaving, her mother said, “I love you. Be careful.” 

You can infer that…

  1. Maggie is in kindergarten or first grade. 
  2. Maggie lives close to school.
  3. Maggie is never late for school. 
  4. Maggie is excited about going to school.


I chose this answer because in the text it says _____________________________________.


2. Hudson hurried out of the house so he wasn’t late for work. He wore overalls and carried a toolbox with wrenches in it. He hopped in his truck and drove off. The sign on his truck said, “Pipe Masters.” 


You can infer that…


  1. Hudson is an auto mechanic. 
  2. Hudson enjoys his job.
  3. Hudson works as a plumber. 
  4. Hudson is a truck salesman. 


I chose this answer because in the passage it says __________________________________.


3. Nicole came out of the elevator in her apartment building. She ran to the curb and held up her arm to hail a taxi. When she hopped in, she said, “Please take me to 345 45th Street.” 


You can infer that…

  1. Nicole’s car is broken. 
  2. Nicole is going on vacation.
  3. Nicole is going shopping. 
  4. Nicole lives in a large city.


I chose this answer because  in the passage it says _______________________________.


Also, make sure you are hopping on Read 180 or Systems 44 daily and completing a reading log. You can email me your responses about what you have read.

Miss you all!


Ms. Tisdell


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