Tobar – SEL – 4th Grade Virtual Scavenger Hunt – 04/17

Teacher: Tobar (


Hello everybody!


So here’s an activity that can get you to contact some of your classmates and school staff members.


Whoever gets these answers first and correct, I will invite him or her to lunch (with a friend that also participated), right when we are clear to go back to school. 

Ready? Here we go:

  1. One of the teachers is from Maine. Who is it? (+5 points if you tell me from which town/city she is).
  2. All of you know me by my “first” last name. But in Colombia, we use both of our parents’ last names. What’s my “second” last name? (Hint: only a few teachers have access to this answer. Oh! Of course I won’t tell you. What would be the point of that!?).
  3. How many pets does Mr. Robles own?
  4. What’s the name of Mrs. Graveline’s dog? (+3 points for whoever gives me its age).
  5. To which school did Mrs. Sierra go when she was in middle school?
  6. One of your teachers is from Rhode Island. Who is it? (+5 points if you give me the town/city where she’s from).
  7. One of your teachers used to travel a lot, because her father was in the military. Who is it? (+10 points if you name at least 4 different towns/cities where she lived because of her dad’s job).
  8. Complete the blank:

_____ Crane

Jose _____ Ramos

Jaydalid ________ Gracia

Julius ______ Carter

Sofia ________ Maldonado

Julius _______ Correa

Remember boys and girls, the whole point of this is to have fun, while we stay safe at home. You can ask your parents to help you. Really important: Send me your answers through Class Dojo or at

Stay safe, keep it fun and we miss you a lot!


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