Perez – ELA: Instructions for locating work 4/08

Teacher: Perez, C. (


Hey there again, 7th grade authors!

We have been out of school for a few weeks now and have made a few changes to how we will deliver work to you so that this remote learning process can run as smoothly as possible. Initially, we had decided to post all assignments to Class Dojo. That has been going well, but we wanted a platform where we would be able to connect with you guys and provide you with feedback as soon as possible. So, we have created a google classroom.

Starting Monday 4/13, all of your ELA assignments will be posted in our google classroom and no longer on class dojo.

Work will still be made available to you twice a week; Monday’s and Friday’s. Please try your best to get your Monday assignments in by Wednesday and your Wednesday assignments in by Friday so that you can stay on track 🙂

When you open the assignment in Google Classroom, it will create a Google Document just for you so that you can easily submit your work.

Click on the link below and then enter the code us6ls4h in order to join Google Classroom! This is where we will continue to post work, link khan academy, and where you can ask questions! Use your school email to join!

This is for all three of your core classes: ELA, Humanities, and Math!


We miss you all so much and can’t wait to get back in the classroom with you. For now, we will continue to do our best in our virtual classrooms 🙂 Don’t forget to log into our classroom often and follow Peck Full Service Community School on Facebook to stay up to date and access additional resources posted by the entire Peck community!  If you need me or have questions, you can reach me at or (806)717-4023. You can reach Mrs.Hernandez at or (413)693-5278


We will be mostly available during school hours 8:00am-3:00pm

Thank you ALL for your hard work and efforts during this strange time.

With the most love and gratitude,

Ms.Perez & Mrs.Hernandez♥


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