Wednesday 4/29 – Art for 5th & 6th Grade

Teacher: Amy Jewitt (


Happy Hump Day, all!

Today’s daily art challenge is:

 Last week you were assigned some design projects. Today, I would like you to design a textile pattern that will be used for an imaginary couch. Textiles are fabrics with patterns that can then be used to design couches, pillows, bed sheets, clothing, shower curtains, and more! First, draw the couch – allow it to fill most of your paper. (You may use the image to the right to help guide you). Next, think about patterns, designs, and shapes that you see on clothing, such as t-shirts and socks. Design a new pattern and draw it onto the couch. The funkier the better! If you can, add color to make it come to life!

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Note: If you would like to see the daily art challenges, you can check your school email to access your Google Classroom for art class or click here!


Files for this Assignment:

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