Week 2 – Art

Teacher: Amy Jewitt (ajewitt@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hello my lovely students!

I have created a checklist of art activities for each day of the week. You do not have to do them in order. Feel free to push the ideas as far as you would like (for instance, add color! Or draw on something unusual like cardboard or a paper bag!) I would love to see what you are creating! It is not required, but feel free to send me any pictures of your work. You can email them to me at ajewitt@hps.holyoke.ma.us

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like more art ideas (:

From, Mrs. Jewitt


Monday, March 30th
Worm’s-eye-view is a term used in art that shows what something might look like from a worm’s point of view. Choose a spot in a room and lay on the floor with a pencil and paper in front of you. Imagine you are a worm and you are looking out into the space. Draw what you see from that perspective. Add creatures or characters that might live in this space (objects should look much bigger than they really are).

Tuesday, March 31st
Choose two animals (for example, a hippo and a chicken). Create a new animal where the two animals are combined. Write a two-sentence summary about where the new animal lives, what it eats, and which animals it is friendly with and which animals are it’s enemies.

Wednesday, April 1st
It’s April Fools Day! Create a funny comic. Remember to think about the setting, plot, and characters. The comic should have at least five squares.

Thursday, April 2nd
Today you are going to practice seeing! Walk around your space and find an unusual place to sit. Spend the next 2 minutes looking above you, around you, behind you, and below you. Create a list of all of the things you see. Challenge: Can you list more than 25 things? 30 things? 40 things? Choose three of the items you see and draw them from where you are sitting.

Friday, April 3rd
Find five random objects smaller than the size of your hand. Trace each one onto the same piece of paper so the shapes are overlapping. What do you see? Add details such as eyes, a mouth, and a nose to create a character or a monster.



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