Semidei (Militza) – STEAM / STEM: Challenge para Las jirafas no pueden bailar – Week of 3/30

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Hola a todos,

STEAM / STEM Challenge to go with Giraffes Can’t Dance

The book Giraffes Can’t Dance is full of wonderful lessons, including treating others with kindness, overcoming fears, trying more than once, embracing your own uniqueness, and doing things you love. The pictures are fantastic and the story is adorable…plus, the kids love it and are always happy to point out things that the animals are doing right…and wrong.

Listen or read the story Las jirafas no pueden bailar in English or Spanish and this time emphasize every time the story talked about music–we even saw a violin made from a peanut!

STEAM / STEM Challenge:

Create your own musical instrument! It can be an instrument you’ve seen before, or one you invent yourself. You can use any craft, art, or building supplies you want (that are reasonable).

 This a “STEAM Project?” It integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

SCIENCE: problem solving, hypothesizing, testing, analyzing, music, wavelengths
TECHNOLOGY: hot glue gun, duct tape
ENGINEERING: designing and building their own instruments
ART: designing, decorating, and creating their instruments
MATH: music, wavelengths, measuring cardboard and tape, qualitative and quantitative measurements, counting beads, analyzing the strength of different boxes and cardboards and bags

Can’t wait to see the pictures of your instruments!




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