Perez, C. – ELA: Instructions for Locating Work and Activities

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Hello 7th grade authors!

We sure do miss seeing your faces in the classroom! I hope you are all taking care of yourselves, are being kind to your family members, staying busy and keeping those brain gears going-and of course getting some rest!

We are excited that you found our class on!  Because we already have a google classroom set up where we’re doing all of our work, we won’t be posting work directly to this website, but I wanted to make sure that you know where to reach me, and where to access work so that you can keep exercising your brain and keep getting smart(er), and even more awesome(if that’s even possible!)

Because we are a Summit Learning school you will always have access to your account. This means you can log in and have access to your work at any time for your science and math courses. However, for ELA we will be posting your work and practice activities strictly on Class Dojo. So parents if you are not yet connected to your child’s class, let’s make that happen!

We will be making work available to you at least twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. I also like to post uplifting quotes and memes too 🙂

 In addition to Summit, here are some resources that you can access during your time away from school:

  • (Use your holyoke public school email to create an account!  There are awesome videos that you can check out if you get stuck or need help)

  • is a physical activity program to get your body moving in case you’re feeling restless!

  • – Did you know that working on your reading skills will make you a better mathematician?  It’s true! If you’re looking to really zoom in on reading comprehension, Readworks is going to be a great fit for you!

We cannot wait to see your beautiful faces, but I know that we can keep learning and growing remotely, together! Please remember to check out our ClassDojo page often, and follow Peck Full Service Community School on Facebook to stay up to date and access additional resources posted by the entire Peck community!  If you need me or have questions, you can reach me at or (806)717-4023. You can reach Mrs.Hernandez at or (413)693-5278

We will be mostly available during school hours 8:00am-3:00pm

Thank you ALL for your hard work and efforts during this strange time.

With the most love and gratitude,

Ms.Perez & Mrs.Hernandez♥


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