White – First Grade – Room 1 – April 15

Teacher: Danielle White (dawhite@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


At Home Learning – Room 1

Monday, April 13th

Good morning! Here are two more learning opportunities for you to try out. Please remember that these are all just suggestions of activities for families that are looking for them. Don’t forget to send me pictures of you and your work so we can share them with the class! 

Reading: Celebrate Earth Day!

Read or listen to “Recycling Earth’s Resources” on Epic (use classroom code: yjc4988 for free access to lots of awesome books!). Make a list of all of items in your home you can recycle or reuse.

Math: Story Problems

Tomorrow during our Zoom meeting we will be solving each other’s story problems! If you have’t already make sure to send me one or two problems you have created so we can solve them together. 

In the meantime, here are a few more addition problems to practice. Draw a picture or use counters to help you. 

  1. Edison has 3 beyblades. Teigan gives him 7 more. How many beyblades does Edison have now?
  2. Sofia has 13 MnM’s. She takes 7 more out of the bag. How many does she have all together?
  3. Alexander A. has 23 gummy bears. His sister gives him 7 more. How many does he have now?
  4. Bonus: How can you use problem #1 to help you solve problems #2 and 3?



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