Williams-ABL K-2- Count With Me- 4/15/20

Teacher: Williams (wwilliams@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Count a Set of Objects:

Counting with one-to-one correspondence (or meaningful counting) is when children learn to say one number for each object in a set. Sometimes children lose their places, skip objects, or count objects twice. Children can count more accurately if they use a counting strategy, such as touching and moving objects as they count.

Materials: 2 plates, 10 objects     Vocabulary: count, same


“Let’s practice counting.”
1. Place four or five objects on the first plate.

2. Have your child count each object while moving it to the second plate.

3. If your child counts correctly, continue adding objects up to ten.

Check for Understanding:

Observe your child as they pass and count objects. Do they count correctly?

Practice counting to 10 out loud. Take turns saying the numbers. Listen to counting songs on YouTube.
ABLLs Objectives:

A5 (task completion), C1 (respond to name), D5 (arm, finger imitation), F2 (request YouTube song), L4,5 (social looking), M2 (group participation), R1,2 (rote counting) R3,4 (counting objects)



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