Williams: ABL K-2- Name recognition- 4/15/20

Teacher: Williams (wwilliams@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Recognize Letters in Name

Children’s names are special to them and they quickly learn to recognize letters in their own names. What better way to learn capital letters than to use something as important as their own names!

Materials: Capital letters for child’s name       Vocabulary: capital, first, beginning

Activity: (Ex. Child’s name is LIAM)

1. Give the L to your child. “This is L for Liam.”

2. Help the child say and trace the letter.

3. Repeat with the IAM.

4. Optional: Sing the “Alphabet Song” slowly. Have your child stand up when he hears the letters in his name.

Check for Understanding:

Do they know the names of the letters? Can they put them in the correct order to spell their name? Once they learn their first name, switch to their last name. Have them learn more letters by using other family members names- or even pets!

ABLLS Objectives:

A 5 (single response), C1 (respond to name), D5 (hand imitation), L 4,5 (social looking), M2 (group participation), Q1 (letter ID), Q2, (label letters), S3 (trace lines), S4 (trace letters), T7 (spell name)


Files for this Assignment:

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