Williams: Fishing for Letters, Numbers, and Shapes: 4/10/20

Teacher: Williams (wwilliams@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Distinguishing between Letters, Numbers, and Shapes:

Pictures, letters, and symbols are all around us and have meaning. Children may be able to recognize that a stop sign is read, but don’t know that it is an octagon and has letters that spell STOP. It is important that children can distinguish among pictures, letters, and symbols because this is an early skill in recognizing meaning in their environment.


Children will distinguish between letters, numbers, and shapes.


We are going fishing for letters, numbers, and shapes.

1. Place letters, numbers, and shapes in a container or bag.
2. Demonstrate fishing. Take out a letter. “Look, I caught a B. I will put it in our letter bucket. Have a separate bucket for numbers and shapes too.
3. Have the child take a turn fishing. Help them talk about and sort what they have caught. “What did you catch?” Is it a letter,number, or shape?”

Check for Understanding:

Observe the child as they go fishing. Can they distinguish between a letter,number, or shape? If your child can already do this, have them give the letter sound, count to the number they pulled, or tell how many sides the shape has before they sort.

ABLLs targets:

A8 (waits without touching items), A10 (scans items in array before responding) B8 (sort objects) C1 (respond to name), C40 (select item from larger set) D3, 5 (motor imitation), G2 (labels common objects),  L4, 5 (look at others socially), M1 (sit in small group), N5 (waits turn), Q2 (labels letters), Q4 (labels sounds), R1,2 (counting), R7 (names numbers)


Files for this Assignment:

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