Williams: Table’s Ready (math counting lesson) 4/9/20

Teacher: Williams (wwilliams@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Many children can count by saying numbers in order because they have memorized the words in the correct order. You can teach one-to-one correspondence by putting one cup with one plate. This concept prepares children to count with meaning and assign one number to each item.


Children learn one-to-one correspondence by setting a table.


1. Set out plates and cups on a counter.

2. “Here are the plates. Put one plate in front of each chair.”

3. “Here are the cups. Put one cup in front of each chair.”

4. “Is there one plate for each chair?”  Child returns extras or get more if needed.

5. “Is there one cup for each chair?” Child returns extras or get more if needed.

You can repeat this activity daily.
Check for Understanding:

Have child repeat the activity, passing one napkin for each child. Are they showing one-to-one correspondence? Are they able to tell you how many napkins they passed out?
More to Learn:

Try this activity with socks and shoes. Take the activity one step further and count the items as the child sets them out. Emphasize that one number goes with each object and that numbers do not match if there are fewer socks than shoes.

ABLLs objectives addressed:

A 5 (complete task for reinforcement) C 1 (respond to name) D 3,5 (motor movement, hand imitation) L 4,5 (looking at others socially) N 1 (daily routines) R 3,4,5 (counting objects)R9,10 (more,less) R19 (walk and get specified number of objects from larger  set)




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