Thompson – Zoom Call Follow Up and at Home Extensions – 3/26

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Hi 3rd Grade!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join our Zoom call this afternoon! It was so special to see so many faces and to get to connect with the kiddos! I assigned some at-home extensions on the call that the kids can work on this week whether or not they attended.


We played a math game called Guess that Number. This is a great and simple game for kids of all ages! You can find instructions and watch an example of the game here!

Students should also be working on their Khan Academy assignments if they have access to them. If students need support with their multiplication and/or division, they should check out this video.


Today we learned how to draw a dolphin based on written directions. At home, students can try drawing the dolphin again AND drawing something that they know how to draw. Next to their drawing, they should write the steps they took to draw it and draw out each step in the directions. Next class, students will be asked to share their drawings and use their peers instructions to draw their own pictures! (the dolphin example is attached below)

Next Week 

We will have more Zooms on Tuesday 3/31 and Thursday 4/2 where we will learn some more math games and do a writing activity.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1-2pm
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 497-382-729

Please keep sending me pictures, videos, and messages about all of the cool things you’re working on at home via Dojo or text! You guys rock!! Stay happy and healthy!

♥Ms. Thomas



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